Thursday, May 29, 2008

Social Software

I was discussing Sharepoint/Drupal at work today and decided to look up "social software." Social software was on the list of the Top 10 Strategic Technologies for 2008. Interaction is cheap and collaboration is a necessity… enabling the conversion of knowledge into information and then connecting that information with people, who then design processes around that information, should be the goal of all organizations who want to fully exploit the concept of enterprise 2.0 and the potential of a knowledge worker. Whew! Exhale…

However, it is really important that these tools are used the right way… and by the right way I mean that they are not used the wrong way, i.e. one dimensional information sharing interfaces. The best utilization of a Sharepoint intranet portal at your organization should resemble that of Facebook – coworkers should be connected to each other like friends on Facebook… their activities at work published as a news feed… when they discover information, you discover information.

At the end it does not really matter if you go with Drupal or with Sharepoint – the way you use tools is more important than the tools you use.