Thursday, May 29, 2008

FSJ on the Google App/Salesforce Tie Up

It is a little late to opine on the subject, but I can appreciate the humor and the insight at the core of it all… this from Fake Steve Jobs:

The problem with Benioff is that for all his talk about the future, and the "end of software," he's got a bad case of McNealy-itis. That is, he keeps fighting the battles of the last decade, over and over and over again. Meanwhile the Borg has already written off Office. They'll milk it for a few more years but they can see the value going to zero. (They'll never admit that, but they have. Trust me. I've got spies close to Ballmer.) Another problem Benioff has is that his business can't scale. CRM is nice but let's face it, it's CRM. It is what it is. It ain't ever gonna be something that everyone uses. Like an iPod.


Over the weekend, I got a text message from a CEO of a hot upcoming start up offering the ability to publish videos online(I know, I know… but have to do the PR bit for the company… they pay me (sort of)):

Are people like Salesforce viable clients for us?

My response: Yes. And so are customers of Salesforce.

SaaS is freedom… it is like those "Go" phones… pay according to usage… it makes no sense for one to 59 bux per month for 1000 minutes if you are using only 700 minutes.. and it makes no sense for people to pay 300 bux for MS Office if they are not using all the features… and that is what MSFT, DirecTV, Cingular and other examples of strategic decadence have to seriously re-examine if they plan to remain relevant - are our price points adherent to the new bylaws of value chains, i.e. pay according to usage.

I don't know where I am going with this: but a SaaS Service A + SaaS Service B makes total sense as SaaS Solution (A+B).