Friday, May 23, 2008

If at first you don’t succeed…

…read a book, talk to a few people, get a reality check and try again.

This to another Steve… I am addressing quite a few of my blogs to "Steves"… speaking of – yo mystery man! When is the 3g iPhone coming out?

But this one is to Steve Shannon of Akimbo. Akimbo decided to close doors, shut down the operation and sell assets (you guys got streaming servers?)… and I have nothing but good wishes for Steve. Steve took the time off to speak to us about Marcellus and offered us good advice and provided us with contacts of content owners. But Akimbo was designed to fail. It was trying to solve a non-existent problem with an expensive solution – On Demand TV with a box that cost $300. Steve's time at ReplayTV must've contributed to the notion of On Demand TV… so Akimbo tried what it thought was an unconventional approach in a conventional market… and kudos to them for the thought. But the strategy was flawed: it was a one dimensional product when it should have been a multi-layered service. And I say this with zero bias: Marcellus's personalization engine would've helped. Marcellus's interactive platform would've definitely helped.

Funny - the same news article also refers to the demise of another company that we tried helping during our formative years – Movielink.

I am telling you core-driven guys: pull beats push, listening beats talking, edge beats core and the network beats the channel.