Sunday, May 4, 2008

Much Ado

…about nothing! After getting us all worked up about the pros and cons of Microsoft-Yahoo merger did not happen. Steve "Baller" knew how much Yahoo was worth to him and refused to pay a penny more. Well he might have paid a penny more, but you get the point. Speculation has already started on what Microsoft will buy next? Microsoft is a software company that is looking to become a media company… and has made one bad move after another, starting with partnering with GE on MSNBC. The one good move it did make is when it developed a product called the Xbox in house… so there is a lesson in there for Microsoft… make a good product, make it fun to use, make it so that other companies can add value to themselves and to the product and you would've done something meaningful… and profitable.

And acquired a network of very loyal users.