Thursday, February 28, 2008

Oh I may have burst a bubble...

So anywho... anyone here from the bubbly generation... this is what i was trying to imply when i said:

"...Umair (comma) loved the over-simplification: 2007 was the year of networks. 2008 is going to be the year of communities.

2007 was the year of fragmentation. 2008 will the year of more fragmentation, and 2009 will probably(if we're lucky) herald the beginning of cohesive networks and symbiotic walled gardens. which ultimately might lead to the creation of gated communities by 2011 - is so much more boring..."

I really thought that Umair was over-simplifying... how do you get from networks to communities in a year? The answer is: you don't! I call it the big bang theory of new media:

a solid dense mass of internet users has exploded into this chaotic quest for social networking glory represented by myspace, facebook, etc. from within that mess will emerge smaller and more cohesive social networks: linked-in, ittoolbox, etc... the more cohesive the social networks the more symbiotic the relationships... and it will be a lot slower and a more complicated process than it sounds.

At we are abt those edge applications (and more) that umair talks so much about... tools that will connect publishers with users, users with content and advertisers with buyers. it is not a simple task; and the thing is we don't really talk about it much... we are actually doing it.