Monday, May 26, 2008

Hitchhikers Guide to Bootstrapping

Going through my blog roll, found this piece of really useful and succinct information for entrepreneurs: The Bootstrappers' Guide to Strapping Up. It is an unusual role – entrepreneurship… the rhetoric of course (courtesy duperstar) is – make a lot of money and have lot of fun while doing it…

Appending some of my thoughts to the guide:

  • We gave Officelive a fair chance, but the project manager felt like Oliver Twist drawing the smallest straw when he started using it. It was clunky, slow and bug-ridden. With all fairness MSFT has not taken the "beta" label off.
  • Well neither has Google with Gmail. But it is an absolute delight to use! I used to be a MS Outlook guy… and was cajoled into the implementation by: "Dude you can use it as an IMAP account!" I haven't used Outlook for my "entrepreneur" account for the last two months. "What about organizing?", you say. The convenience of search takes away the need for organizing I say… plus Google is doing the organizing for me.
  • Awstats is a good compliment to Google Analytics if you need more detailed web stats.
  • Need a professional sounding PBX system? Evoice is your answer.

Anyways here is to fun n money… and in this case one out of two ain't that bad. Good luck!