Monday, April 28, 2008

MSFT at the tail

You know it is never too late to learn, even though it might be a little late to save yourself. MSFT has fine-tuned its promotion strategy, even though its product strategy needs a serious re-examination… the "sea of change" that was promised is taking time to deliver; probably another heavy-machine inertia symptom. But I get excited when a Product Strategist at Microsoft draws charts that look very similar to Chris Anderson's "The Long Tail."

Even XP Embedded seems to have gone through a make-over…

Then again Sharepoint, much like its social networking counterpart: Facebook is a gated-community… I would like to see a lot more cross-functionality in Sharepoint and I do not just mean AJAX… how about letting Sharepoint work with say Drupal?

Right… I am dreaming.