Monday, October 13, 2008

McCartheism's latest victim: Barack Obama

I wrote the following in response to a colleague sending me an article from American Thinker:

Well scripted article.


  • Funny how experienced people (it is apparently a season for political correctness) pay more attention to poli-ticks, than younger voters... when the young have more vested in tomorrow.

Now, Obama and socialism...

Obama's past associations are being used against him and they are fair game. But consider this: were those associations accidental or incidental? Now, the second test you should apply is that of relativity... consider his associations relative to your associations and those of other politicians. It maybe sad but it is true: a successful launching pad in politics comes with its set of stains. And the third test is put a face to policies, not the other way round:

Today, Barrack Hussein Obama (what only Republican attack dogs in uniform can call him by his full name?) proposed allowing people to take out 10,000 dollars from their IRA accounts without any penalties to get through these tough times. Is that being a socialist?! No matter what McCain says, the biggest challenge for American employers is going to be health care benefits. Obama's health care plan drastically reduces the costs of providing health care in America. This is not "socialized medicine" as Hannity will want you to believe. This is a long-term solution to a very immediate problem. A socialist (read: HRC's health plan) would've made it obligatory for everyone to participate, Obama's plan makes it easier for you to make choices.

It is through tax policies that the government plays a role in the choices we make, eg: cigarrettes are bad, children are good. Now we can argue on the merits and demerits of this system... but the truth is that it happens and it happens when either party is in power. I believe that Obama's and the Democrats rise is the normal "ebb n flow" of politics; it is the invisible hand booting up the political and economic system into a "safe" mode.

A safe mode would mean all drivers of profitability will not load up, but it will get the system into a functional mode, so that the very fundamental problems can be fixed.

Oh and yes they are very fundamental problems: here is some news for the die-hard "Reaganomicians" - the pyramid scheme does not work. Consumer spending is NOT the ONLY way to a strong economy, nor is military spending... we cannot be spending more than we have coming in. America like Americans has been doing that for quite sometime now… and like Rai succinctly puts it: Democrats will tax n spend, while Republicans will borrow n spend.

American and Americans were borrowing and spending. As is evident now, the "strength of a strong middle class" (which I am all for by the way… on second thoughts how can anyone be against it?!?) was borrowed strength. It is our spending habits that has made China a prime nation and America is sadly now a "sub-prime" nation.

If McCain truly thinks that it is just DC that has to change, then he is delusional. America has to change too... it is better to be in heaven than to be on earth, and it is better to save than to invest... that is not to say that investing is bad, but save before you invest, invest before you spend. Priorities are topsy-turvy in this place.

Anyways I can go on and on... but I'd like to say this with all due respect: life-long anything does not make a whole lot of sense. It is about individualism, correct? So how can you be a life-long Republican before you're a life-long American? And how can you be a life-long American when you are obviously a life-long human? :)

My peers in the online media domain will talk to you about content n context: Obama's policies are the content, put them in context with what is going on in the world and in my most humble opinion you will find them to be more in line with the common good than those of John Sidney McCain.

Which brings me to the next topic: John Sidney McCain is a member of an Australian sleeper cell...