Monday, June 9, 2008

iPhone 2

I expected more…. Mr. Jobs – I am judging you by the same high standards that you have set for yourselves over the past 7 years. But this post is not without some love:

  • I loved the price tag. This was inevitable… AT&T was not able to subsidize the price to a level they wanted last time. They did so this time. Plus Apple did not want to argue too much… because the apps are coming!
  • LOVED, LOVED and LOVED the apps… the SDK… the vision… everything about iPhone apps is awesome!
  • GPS… hmmm the apps make the GPS fun.

I am going to stay neutral on MobileMe… I like the sound of it… but I don't know why Apple would charge money for a potential MS Exchange killer. Haven't you guys learned anything from Google?

Rest when I actually get to use it….