Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Don’t cry for me America, I’ll do it for you

Yo! I don't know about you'll, but I think we live in a stupid country if a "signature moment" in someone's campaign involved them crying. What the hell?!?! Hillary Rodham (I am not going to call her Hillary Clinton) cries and the state of New Hampshire's like "awww! You poor baby! Here is a vote." Wake up America! We don't select prom queens on the basis of sensitivity, you are selecting the next President! I do not think Hillary Rodham's record as the first lady or the Senator from New York makes her a viable choice for the Presidency of United States. And because she was married to Bill Clinton does not mean she is Bill Clinton!

When the Chief Minister of India's most backward state – Bihar (Manoj – respect) went to jail he anointed (as opposed to appointed) his wife to be the chief minister in his place… I find this no different. Yeah, given she has a law degree and has met foreign leaders, but she has also endorsed torture and presented the most screwed up health care reform plan when she was the first lady. And what is up with this Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton musical chairs? This ain't no dynasty, this be a democracy, yo! Respect.

Ask not what a Clinton (or a Rodham) can do for you, ask what you can do to put a deserving President in the White House. Obama and Edwards might not be the best of men, but I do think they are better candidates. And I think that purely on the basis of the issues and their geo-political agenda (by the way, can Hillary spell environment?).

Just an example of how nutty this country is:

A caller calling to a radio show: "Hillary stole the election in New Hampshire by fixing the polling machines."

Radio Host: "How do you know?"

Caller: "She put a computer virus in the machines."

Radio Host (louder): "How do you know?"

Caller: "The virus deleted Obama votes and added votes."

Radio Host (almost screaming): "HOW DO YOU KNOW?!?!"

Caller: "I have a secret source."

Radio Host: "Ok! That is all I needed to hear. Oh wait I am getting a call on the other line from your secret source. He has a message for you. I do not have the special decoder ring to decode what he is saying, but he is asking me to tell you – go to bed!"